iEmergency ICE Family PRO

iEmergency ICE Family PRO  (or ICE Family for short) is the family version of our top downloaded iEmergency+ application.   This is the ultimate “In Case of Emergency” application.  Not only does it have contain your information but also the information for your family.  

There are more than 115 million ER visits each year in this country.  Accidents, Earthquakes, and other disasters can happen unexpectedly in an instant.

75% of people are not prepared for the unexpected (according to a study by Vodaphone).  We live in a world where anything could happen.  

IEmergency+ is an iPhone application that will store all your key medical information and your Emergency contact list.  For those using Medical ID tags or Medical Bracelets, why not just put it on your iPhone. You carry it everywhere and it has more information than the medical ID tags!

BE PREPARED – Download iEmergency PRO and our Free Medical ID Card 

- Ability to add up to 5 people
- Photo feature for each member of the family
- Single Screen Summary for each member of the family
- Single page Emergency contact list
- Unlimited list for medical information
- Doctor, Insurance and More!
- LOCKBANNER Wallpaper Creator (for LOCKED phones)
- FREE Printable Medical ID Card via website
- Ability to take photos from camera (for iPhone only)
- Customizable Wallpaper background Colors
- Zoom buttons
- Contact list has 1-touch calling enabled
- Date of Birth and Blood type fields
- Power of Attorney and Attorney fields

Download the FREE  Medical_ID_Card.pdf 

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